Working with good humans seeking more joy in their life


Many of us get stuck in our current state because we are juggling the demands created by society,  families, and friends. 

We become complacent and just feel “ok” with the life we are living because fear takes over our decision-making process, and many people never live the lives they dream about.

Many people lie on their deathbeds, wishing that they had done that one thing that always haunted them.

No, be embarrassed when you get to the pearly gates!

Together, we will figure out how to improve your situation so you can reach the joy you deserve and desire.

I am on a mission to bring more joy in the world.

Wonder how I am doing that?

By partnering with people like you, who know that they deserve to live their dream life today and are ready to get going. By seeing you find joy, I also receive more joy.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? If so, lets go on a joyride together.
A woman laying on a wicker chair feeling joy and a sense of inner peace

Who is Christine?

*She is a traveler, who enjoys going to new parts of the world and learning about the culture and values of the community. She recently traveled around Europe for 6 months with her high school boyfriend (now husband).

*She is a dreamer. She dreams big and turns her dreams into reality.

*She is a mother to two children who challenge her regularly to grow and learn.

*She is a caregiver who has care for her terminally ill father and remotely manages her mother's daily affairs.

*She is a seasoned non-profit professional, and has dedicated over 20 years of her life to organizations addressing healthcare and education disparities.

More About Christine

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What is Coaching?

Joy Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a coachee who work together to address situations that block joy from the coachees life. Coaching will: Help a coachee identify their wishes and direct them to a path that will take them where they want to go. Support a coachee become who they want to be. Builds awareness empowers choice and leads to change.

Does this sound familiar

  • Do you feel that you are expected to be a unicorn and TIRED of putting your needs to the side to take care of others? If so, let's talk about self-care. You will only be helpful to aging parents, partners, and children if you are in a good space. Our coaching will ensure that your tank is full so that you can flow the extra to those who need you.

  • Many people arrive in middle age, recognizing that they have lost their identity. They have focused so much on their career and only know themselves as an Accountant, Fundraiser, Doctor, or any other job title, OR they have focused so much on their children that they do not know who they want to be now. Spend the next part of your life focused on being who YOU want to

  • As we age, our relationships change. Navigating how to be present for our children, parents, and other people can be challenging. In our coaching, we will explore how you can navigate change.

  • Many of us have a little voice in our heads or a little pit in our stomach that says we should do something extraordinary. We ignore our dreams and shut them down because the timing is not right or because you did not know how to turn that dream into a reality. During our coaching, we will create a map for you so that you can make your dream go from being a dream into a reality.

What My Joyriders Say....

  • When I speak to Christine, I am so motivated to move towards my goals. She is so inspirational and she does not even try.

    Karen H Dallas, TX
  • I am a challenging person to coach, but Christine was able to help me uncover some core issues that were preventing me from achieving my full potential. Thanks to Christine, I am facing them head on and thriving..

    Toby A., Chicago, IL
  • Christine's guidance and expertise helped me delve deep into my own thoughts and feelings, gaining clarity about what truly matters to me. She skillfully created a space for me to discern my core values, which has been a game-changer in aligning my life choices with what's most important to me. She empowered me to take concrete steps towards living a life that is in harmony with those values. Christine's unwavering belief in my potential and her commitment to my growth were contagious! Thank you, Christine.

    Clarissa D. Houston, TX
  • As a non-profit professional stepping into a new Executive position, Christine’s experience in the sector and process of coaching served as an important place for me to be my authentic self and discuss my needs with someone who “gets it.” Christine guided me through updating and clarifying my professional values. She gave me a framework to think through how these values relate to my place in my career trajectory and it really helped connect some dots for me in a way I probably wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. As Christine coached me across the sessions and offered her unique insights and advice, I felt so supported. She found opportunities to help me uncover more of my own goals and vision so that I feel extremely empowered and in the driver’s seat of what comes next for me professionally.

    Ami K. Austin, TX

Christine's thoughts

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