Feeling exhausted and pulled in many directions?

Hi, my name is Christine, and I am tickle pink that you are here! (yes….pink is my favorite color)

I recently was asked by Hacienda to lead an education session about joy for someone you know. Because of this gift of the invitation, I was delighted that I led the residents through an exercise about how connection and kindness leads to more joy.

It would be nice if the ripple stopped there but I challenged the residents to ripple kindness outside of their community.

As a way of supporting our older society members, I would like to offer you a “playdate” with me.

What is a playdate?
It is a 50 minute coaching session where we will explore YOUR wishes and dreams. This is 50 minutes just about you! 

This gift is made for you

During this playdate, I will help guide you and support you to make you realize your dreams!

The only obligation to this offer is that you come ready for change and a commitment to be honest and vulnerable with me.

Click on the calendar below to schedule your free playdate.  I look forward to connecting with you