Kinder people make a stronger society

Happy + Kindness= Stronger Community

I’ve got a theory that’s as close to a love equation as we get in social science: A happier person tends to spread kindness, and a kind person helps to weave the fabric of a strong society. Now, who wouldn’t want to be part of such a vibrant tapestry?

Not a fan of math? No worries! Let’s simplify it: More happiness plus more kindness equals a rock-solid society. And if my theory holds (spoiler: it does!), we should be on a mission to supercharge our community with kindness and joy!

A peek at a study by the Journal of Social Psychology gives us the scoop: engaging in acts of kindness doesn’t just add sparkle to someone else’s day; it ramps up our own happiness meters. That’s right, doing good makes us feel good, giving our mental health a hefty boost. And when our minds are in tip-top shape, we show up differently in the world—more involved, more trusting, and just plain happier.

How Sprinkling a Little Kindness Can Do Wonders:

Connections Galore!

We’re social butterflies at heart. Connections make us happy, and guess what? They bring us joy, too (Psst, if you’re curious about the happiness-joy duo, I’m all ears).

Harvard’s brainy folks found that acts of kindness create a ripple effect, strengthening our bonds with others. It’s like kindness is the glue that holds our social circles together and gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Empathy Gymnastics 🧠

Every time we perform a kind deed, we’re flexing our empathy muscles. Whether it’s delivering soup to a neighbor or picking up litter, these actions say, “Hey, I care!” And Mother Nature gives us a high-five when we tidy up our planet, even if we didn’t make the mess.

The Boomerang Effect 🔄

Here’s the kicker: kindness benefits the giver too. Our brains get a dose of feel-good vibes, and who doesn’t love a natural pick-me-up? Harvard Business School’s research in the Journal of Happiness Studies confirms that kindness is a gift that keeps on giving.

Boost Your Happiness Quotient!🚀

1. Practice Gratitude. There are many ways to practice gratitude. If you are interested in a playbook that provides a variety of gratitude exercises, click here.

2. Connect with others. We are built to support and be with others.  Connect with your family, friends, yourself, and nature.  Just connect. 

3. There are many programs that help you learn how to bring more happiness in your life.  One program is the Actions for Happiness Course. 


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