Hi, I am am Christine

I have always embraced change. With every change, I get giddy because I know that the next thing will lead me to something where I will learn, grow, and make a more significant impact.

As a proud woman in my 50s, I have committed to helping others. As a non-profit executive, I have led amazing non-profits that were committed to addressing equity for people who have been marginalized by society. I have focused on education, healthcare, and acceptance of people of all faiths, races, and genders. My calling is to make the world better than I found it. At 52, I was exhausted from the non-profit sector hamster wheel I found myself running on every year.


At the nudging of many close friends, as soon as I returned home, I thought about how I could help others find the peace and happiness I had found.

I am credentialed from iPEC and have my ACC designation from  International Coaching Federation. I am a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

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What favorite cartoon did I like the most when I was young?

I loved the Family Circle Cartoons. It reminded me that even the best families were not perfect

What color I am drawn to the most?

Colors tell you a lot about you. My favorite color is Fushia Pink. I like it because it blends in with other bright colors but stands out with conservative colors like navy, black, or beige. It feels the heart,  and it is energetic. 

What is the thing I fear most?

Although I work hard on not controlling my life, I do have fears. I fear that I will not help someone who really needs my help.

I fear that my children will not know how much I truly love them!

My husband was also done being a government employee, and we decided to be BOLD.

We both left our 9-5ish jobs and decided to backpack around Europe for six months.

Because the pandemic was not over, we were unsure where we would go because we did not know what countries would be open. My “Type A” personality wanted to cancel the plans because I love a good plan, but I stayed focused on our goal and decided to reframe my schedule in my mind to keep me calm.

By staying focused on my goal to travel, I got to learn about new cultures and better understand people’s values. It was also a time when I reflected on my life. 

Lance and I got to reconnect and laugh more than we have in many years.

Until my fall!

After about four and half months into our trip, we were in Switzerland getting ready to paraglide when I fell on some dewy grass.  I had broken my ankle in three places.

I knew that right then, I was given a gift and even said out loud as soon as I fell “universe, I am so excited about this….. I know this will change my life.

My new life!

When we announced our plan, many friends voiced their envy of us because they also had dreams. Unlike us, they could not take the steps necessary to turn those dreams into reality. It made my heart sink that so many people put up self-imposed walls preventing them from getting what they really want….. happiness.

As I healed in bed for three months, I kept thinking about all my friends who were so thirsty to hear our stories. They wanted to live through our experience. 

Although I was happy to share the stories, I remember that if you don’t experience what you want, you are not truly living!

I felt that this was just one of many signs that I should become a coach.  I had friends who also came flat out and said, ‘you should coach.’  I saw a social media post from a friend about her coaching business, and I ended up on random websites. 

The universe told me it was time to stop playing and start my new career. 

We still travel and explore this great blue marble. I get to help others do the bold things that they really desire!

What is a Joylogist?

I am a self-proclaimed joyologist. I love working with people to figure out what it is that they love and what will make them feel so much joy in their life that they will ooze it to other people. 


With all my joyriders (my word for clients), we will 

  1. Figure out what makes you tick.  We will explore your values and become clear on what your purpose is.
  2. Once we do this, hold on world, because you will then do a visualization exercise to clearly understand your dreams.
  3. Once you know what you want, we will create a map to get you where you want to go.  If you can map it, you can make it happen!
  4. We will undercover the little whispers in your head that will try to stop you.
  5. We will celebrate milestones along the way!

My Values

In the work I do with my joyriders, everything is based on values.  Because of this, I think it is important for my clients to know my values

I promote inclusion regularly

Connection drives me


I take coaching very seriously and have invested in becoming the best coach for you.  Here are my credentials: