Being a non-profit profession is very rewarding! It improves our community and feels our desire with purpose.

Our community needs us to step up and serve. Non-profits are important to our community because we are taking care of needs that our government cannot or will not address. 

Non-profit professionals are also important because it provides a way for people to be active in the philanthropic landscape. Research has shown over and over again that when people volunteer or give their money to help others, they have a better sense of purpose, feel spiritually fulfilled, and improves mental health. Philanthropy creates better humans.  As a non-profit professional, we are part of the eco-system that is helping other be better. 

At the end of the day, our work is very important. 

The problem we face is that it often comes at a cost to ourselves.  

Many non-profit professionals:

    • Feel a heavy burden to fix society.
    • Lose the ability to create home/work boundaries which impacts any ability for work/life ‘balance.’
    • Forget who they are or regret spending more time with their loved ones. 

Take control of your life now!

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A workbook for nonprofit professionals that they them address non-profit burnout

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