• When I speak to Christine, I am so motivated to move towards my goals. She is so inspirational and she does not even try.

    Karen Dallas TX
  • I really enjoy working with Christine. I know she was in my corner and truly wants the best for me. Her questions make me think and excited about my future

    Lisa M Miami, FL
  • When Christine started to present, I knew I wanted to work more with her. She is so smart and very intuitive.

    Rick R
  • Christine is a gifted and talented Coach and Mentor. I worked with her several years ago. In one of our conversations she challenged me to write down everything I want. She purposely didn’t clarify professional or personal. I wrote it all down, as instructed and then we discussed. After a conversation, I took what I discovered and made some changes. I now look at that list as a list of accomplishments. Christine has a wonderful way of exposing the greatness already inside of us. It’s a gift and so very needed.

    Rachel M Austin, TX
  • I am a challenging person to coach, but Christine was able to help me uncover some core issues that were preventing me from achieving my full potential. Thanks to Christine, I am facing them head on and thriving.

    Toby A. Chicago, IL
  • As a non-profit professional stepping into a new Executive position, Christine’s experience in the sector and process of coaching served as an important place for me to be my authentic self and discuss my needs with someone who “gets it.” Christine guided me through updating and clarifying my professional values. She gave me a framework to think through how these values relate to my place in my career trajectory and it really helped connect some dots for me in a way I probably wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. As Christine coached me across the sessions and offered her unique insights and advice, I felt so supported. She found opportunities to help me uncover more of my own goals and vision so that I feel extremely empowered and in the driver’s seat of what comes next for me professionally.

    Ami K Austin, TX
  • Christine's guidance and expertise helped me delve deep into my own thoughts and feelings, gaining clarity about what truly matters to me. She skillfully created a space for me to discern my core values, which has been a game-changer in aligning my life choices with what's most important to me. She empowered me to take concrete steps towards living a life that is in harmony with those values. Christine's unwavering belief in my potential and her commitment to my growth were contagious! Thank you, Christine.

    Clairssa D. Houston, TX