Rebalancing My Joy Equation: Taking care of myself in order to keep joy in my life

I spent a fantastic week in the beautiful city of Aspen. I saw trees change colors, yellow leaves dance in the wind, and I experienced the crip air touch my face. I was truly in my happy space.

I was laughing with dear friends, being playful with my life partner, and feeling so creative that time was disappearing because I was in flow with my talents. I have a feeling of pure fun.

Then, Friday night, I was informed that more terror was happening in the world, and this time, the war was where I knew people. My pure fun disappeared, and I have been frozen since then.  My heart aches for all the civilians caught up in war. I worry that this new outbreak would impact Ukraine’s war because people would forget about it. After all, we only remember the last thing that happened.

I could feel my energy level drop. In my coaching program, we discuss the fact that everyone has seven energy levels and that they all serve a purpose.

Levels 1 and 2 are energy levels fed by stress and can cause you to be stuck, frustrated, and angry. These energy levels are significant because they allow us to care for ourselves and deal with our feelings. This is where I sat for over a week.

Normally, I sit in a level 5 and 6 level, levels that focus all parties winning simultaneously; I am joyful, I am at peace, and I feel a lot of creativity.

This place seems so high to me right now, and I will get back there by working on my Joy Equation™.

You may ask, what is a joy quotient? It is what it is our magic sauce that brings us to a place where we feel joyful. For me, it is normally Joy=Gratitude (a decent size dose) + Connection (a large dose) + Self-Care (small dose) +Values Alignment (normal dose)

Over this past week, I have had to change the proportions of my joy equation and spend more time on self-care.  I spent the entire week focused on figuring out what I was feeling and what would make me feel safe. I then had to adjust how I spent my time this week to focus more on my values.

I feel myself coming out of this funk and getting to the other side. I really appreciate the ability to test out my joy equation. It was a good reminder that nothing good should stay stagnant and that we must make refinements based on what is happening in our lives. I know that I need more self-care right now, but tomorrow, this could all change, and a large percentage of my joy quotient could return to connections.

If you are interested in learning more about your joy equation, I would love to chat with you. Just schedule a time via this link and we can discuss your personal recipe.

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