resetting energy in the cotswold area

Resetting My Energy in the Cotswold Area

In this blog, I will discuss my recent trip to the Cotswold area and how I saw firsthand how my energy levels moved from a low energy level to a high one within four minutes and how much more enjoyable our day turned out to be because of my attitude switch. If you are interested in learning more about E.L.I, read this blog.

If you have followed me much, you know that I had an accident that stopped my travels right in my tracks. I fell, broke my ankle, and abruptly halted my 6-month trip, which prevented me from going to the UK and tramping through the Cotswold area.

This month, I met my daughter in London and went to the Cotswold. Since I was traveling with my mom and daughter this time (yes, it was a 3-generation trip), I decided to visit most conveniently….. we would take a tour with a minibus.

Monday arrived, and we all got up early to make the 45-minute subway trip to what I thought was our destination. We made the long journey to find out that we needed to be in the right borough and very far away from the van. They were going to have to leave without us.

My first thought was anger and frustration. The third-party vendor made it hard to find the address, and I had to type it in my daughter’s phone since she was the only person with internet access. I automatically began to blame them and judge their communication style. I figured the universe was telling me I was not going to the Cotswold area, but I did not want to accept them. I was ready to fight to get to see the picturesque villages. All these thoughts went through my head within 4 minutes.

This is what many coaches refer to as Level 2 energy. I was blaming other people; I was angry and was going to force us to get back on track.

After 4 minutes at this energy level, I felt my body switch to excitement. I knew that could be an excellent adventure for the three generations. We could focus on finding a solution and devise a plan to make us all happy.

Everyone gave out options, and we figured out what was the best solution. You may wonder what happened. We returned to town and arrived in Paddington Square, where we took the Great Britain Railway into Morton-In-Marsh. The group was not going to this town, so this would be our bonus stop. We walked around the city and took a 20-minute bus ride to Burton-on-the-Water, where we met with our guide.
EVERYTHING WAS SO SMOOTH once I moved from my level 2 energy to my level 6 energy. We laughed and kept highlighting the hidden gifts my mistake had uncovered for us.

Wonder what level 6 energy is? Let’s chat, and I am happy to discuss energy levels and how they impact what we receive and how we experience life.

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