Spring is happiness

A Week Wrapped in Joy

Ah, there it is—that palpable shift in the air, whispering promises radiating color, renewal, and, of course, lots of laughter. Wondering what’s got me in high spirits? It was one of my favorite weeks this week.

Let’s journey through it together.

Cast off the darkness of winter and drab colors, for we’re stepping into the week when Spring flings open the doors to a world resplendent with possibilities! I’m not one to abide by the post-Easter protocol of the “white police”; the spring equinox is my cue to pull out the white jeans.  New ones are on their way to me. Thanks @nordstrom.

The Cascade of Colors

The first day of spring isn’t just a date on the calendar—it’s how I look at life! The earth laughs in flowers—tulips, pansies, daffodils, and the proud Texas bluebonnets—painting our lives with strokes of happiness. Flowers provide me with some calmness and an appreciation for nature. I slow down because I want to stop and smell the roses.

But these blossoms do more than just dazzle my senses; they’re emblems of influence. Each of us is a beautiful flower, clutching seeds of potential that, when shared, can germinate into a thriving collective. Imagine if each of us sowed just three seeds of kindness or wisdom into another person’s life — the garden of our community would flourish beyond measure!

The Joy of our Marriage

I picked this week to get married 31 years ago because I wanted my wedding to be full of colorful flowers…..pink, purple, yellow, and red. No color was off limits. I wanted it to be a celebration of two people making a commitment to each other. And that is exactly what it was—a burst of color!

Lance and I have ridden the normal, occasionally tumultuous waves together.  We have had fights over money, the way he cleans the house, and my inability to load the dishwasher “right.” Our aligned values and common aspirations have been our beacon even in the face of storms.  Here’s to the beauty of commitment that turns life’s minutiae, like unwashed dishes, into trifles light as air.

And as if the universe itself conspires to amplify this joy, the International Day of Happiness falls this week too — sharing a date with my anniversary! No mere coincidence, I believe. It’s as if the cosmos is in cahoots with my mission to spread cheer, recognizing the abundance of happiness my journey through life embodies.

So, what’s your happiness catalyst? With arms wide open, I invite you to seize one thing that fills your heart to the brim with joy and let it be your anthem this week. Share your celebration with me. I’m all ears for your queries and tales of joy!

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