Being grateful helps us appreciate the gifts we have been given and release fomo

The Power of Gratitude

Walk into a bookstore (remember those), go to the self-help section, and look through the aisle at the large section. First, just take in the fact that there are so many books to help people lead better, feel better, grow, and just be! Whether the topic is mindfulness, positivity psychology, relationships, happiness, or manifestation, you will see at least one chapter dedicated to ….. The importance of gratitude. I have even seen it in management books. 

Looking at life through a ‘grateful lens,’ a shift in our mindset happens, and things appear to flow through us, making it easier to obtain our goals. Less energy is being spent on focusing on obstacles. 

Gratitude is like looking into a kaleidoscope; it reveals the endless beauty in life’s every twist and turn.  

As a research junkie, I have read so many articles that talk about how much gratitude helps us. One of my favorite sources is Psychology Today. Multiple articles remind us that gratitude can:

Improve Mental Health: Practicing gratitude can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. It helps promote a positive mindset, improve self-esteem, and contribute to a more optimistic outlook on life.

Build Stronger Relationships: Grateful individuals tend to have stronger and healthier relationships. Expressing gratitude and appreciation towards others strengthens social bonds and fosters a sense of connection and empathy.

Increase Resilience: Gratitude helps develop resilience. When you focus on positive aspects, even during challenging times, you can problem-solve easier and feel a more optimistic attitude toward difficulties.

Improve Sleep: Grateful individuals often report better sleep quality. Acknowledging positive aspects before bedtime can promote relaxation and better sleep patterns.

Negate Negative Emotions: Gratitude helps reduce negative emotions like envy, resentment, and frustration and encourages a shift in perspective from what one lacks to what one has.

Motivate and Productive: Grateful individuals tend to be more motivated and productive. Acknowledging and appreciating their achievements encourages them to continue striving towards their goals.

In addition:

Physical Health Benefits: Studies have shown that grateful individuals care for their health. Many have lower blood pressure and better immune function.  

Improve your Generosity: Gratitude is linked with more generous and helpful behavior towards others. Feeling thankful often leads to a desire to give back or pay it forward.

All you need is to look for things to be grateful for. They are already there and ready for you to acknowledge them.

Every day, spend 4 minutes and look for the fantastic things that have happened in your life.

In the morning, wake up, and before you turn to your phone or jump out of bed, grab a journal and write three things you are thankful for. It could be for the roof that protected you from the rain, the new sheets that made you comfortable, the water that is about to be used to brush your teeth, the fantastic person you woke up to this morning, or even the fact that your dog did not wake you up overnight.  

See, you can find so much to be thankful for. As you get used to the practice, the faster the ideas will come to your mind.

Mid-day, spend 20 seconds and scan your day. What is one thing you have experienced or happened in the day that you are thankful for? It could be the delicious breakfast, the great meeting with someone, a call from a friend….., or anything.

If you need a reminder to take your mid-day reflection, set your alarm for 11:30 to remind you.

In the evening. As you plug in your electronics for the evening, take a moment to reflect on your day and come up with three things that you are grateful for before you go to sleep.

And remember…consistency is critical to making gratitude easy for you. As you practice it, your brain will always be trained to be scanning for things you are thankful for. 

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