When you meet with others, how do you describe yourself? By your career or based on other things important to you?

What Is Your Response to ‘The Question’

When asked the common starter question, “What do you do?” I have always answered that I am a “fundraiser,” “Chief Operations Officer for a non-profit,” “run non-profits,” or “Development Officer.”  My natural instinct was to always answer the question by telling the person how I made my money. I have found that I am not different than most Americans. We define what we do by what career we choose or how we support our family.

In reality, we do a lot more than this. Now that I am in this transition period, I really hate this question because I do not have an answer to the question, “what do you do?” I have spent so much time focused on my career I have let go of things that once brought me joy. Since I have a broken ankle right now, I am not able to go to Town Lake and walk around my happy place and dream, nor am I able to do my “dance painting*” so I don’t have much of an answer right now. I would love to hear what you are doing to bring you joy.

*Dance panting is when I put a lot of liquid paint on big canvases, turn on music, and dance with the canvases.  Here is one of my pieces.

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