Many people ask me who is a good candidate for joy coaching. I work with anyone who is feeling stuck and wants to make changes. If you think you could use more joy, you could be a good candidate. I do specialize in certain people, though.  


Many of us are part of the sandwich generation. We take care of our children while simultaneously caring for our aging parents or sick spouse. Often these pressures impact our lives leaving us feeling overwhelmed and unable to think about our own needs. Remember what flight attendants tell us….Put your own oxygen mask on first, so you can care for those you love.


Because we had envisioned other things for our life. 

Together, we can help you make some changes where you will be able to provide what you want while being there for those you care about.

Caregivers could be good candidate for joy coaching. 

Serving as a caregiver can be draining. Coaching can ensure you have enough energy to share with people you love
being a parent to a child who came out as LGBTA can be hard because we are not prepared for new challenges. A coach can help you navigate though the emotions.

Parents of Gay/Lesbian / Bi-Sexual + Child

Often, children think about their sexuality for a while before they ever discuss it with their parents. This gives them time to get comfortable with it and accept their identity. Once they get the nerve to tell their parents, “I am lesbian/bi/queer/non-binary or gay,” they have already processed it.


On the other hand, it may come as a surprise and shock for many parents often causing unexpected reactions.  This does not mean they love their child any less or don’t support their identity. It just means they need time to process and get in the same space as their child. They want to demonstrate love and support for their children, but confusion and unexpected emotions could get in the way (Please know that these are two typical feelings).


Most parents have many different thoughts and questions and struggle trying to figure out where to turn. They may ask their child these questions in the hope of getting educated, but this can become a burden for the child.   Or, they may start googling all their questions, which can also be confusing and misleading.

We will help you determine your questions, figure out how to get the answers, and learn how to parent your child with this new knowledge.


Dreams are incredible and can help us move forward during good and bad times.  

When my husband and I decided to quit our ‘9-5’ jobs to travel, we constantly heard “I am so jealous”. Each time I heard this my heart ached.

Why? Because I know it is possible to turn dreams into reality when self-imposed barriers are removed.

I will work with you to create space, so you can focus on your dreams and make them happen. Together we will uncover your roadblocks and come up with solutions to get around them.  I will help you get to the life you desire.

Many people have a dream but does not know how to turn it into a reality. A coach can help keep them accountable to making it happen
non profits professionals carry a lot of stress. A coach can help them manage their stress

Non-Profit Professionals

Any career can be life-consuming, but when you decide you want a career in the nonprofit sector, you usually make that decision because you are passionate about the organization’s mission and work. Boundaries are not typically drawn since your heart is all in, and the result can become all-consuming.

When you are at dinner parties, scout the room to see if anyone could be a new donor for the organization or a presenter for an upcoming event. If you are in a smaller community, you could run into a donor at the supermarket, feeling compelled to thank them for the gift and talk about the fantastic program you just held. In addition, nonprofit work is a constant hamster wheel. You begin the fiscal year at $0 and must find the resources to complete the work. 

This cycle can bruise the soul, causing many nonprofit professionals to leave the sector. 

Don’t give up! Work with a coach to establish boundaries and lighten your load. 

I provide both 1:1 coaching and group sessions to identify the best ways to care for yourself so that you can care for others.

If you don’t feel you fit into any of these populations and think you could be a good candidate for joy coaching,  let’s still talk.  If not, and you would like to find a coach that better suits your needs, I suggest that you visit the ICF website for a comprehensive list of coaches.